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20 Maret 2015
Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Caka 1936 - NEW!
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18 Maret 2015
10 Teknologi Komputer Tercanggih di Dunia Saat Ini - NEW!

1 Komputer Kuantum :

Komputer ini merupakan Super computer yang menggunakan ...
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18 Maret 2015
Lowongan kerja (SE) Cyberakses - NEW!

PT Komunika Lima Duabelas (brand : Cyberakses) adalah sebuah perusahaan ...
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 Hotspot System


These terms identify network equipment (wireless access points, aerials, servers, routers) and software in the aggregate that allow users to obtain wireless Internet access. Normally these points have a finite coverage area (e.g., cafe area, restaurant or a hotel). Usually for obtaining Internet access it's enough to have a laptop or a PDA with a wireless card and a personal secret code (PIN code, or login/password, etc). Personal secret code is used to identify a user and to prevent network resources from using by a third person. Sometimes a secret code may be bought at administrator of a Hotspot (e.g., at reception of a hotel). At that it is possible to gain access for a certain time interval. When the interval finishes the Internet access is blocked. In order to continue surfing the Internet it is requir

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