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20 Maret 2015
Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Caka 1936 - NEW!
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18 Maret 2015
10 Teknologi Komputer Tercanggih di Dunia Saat Ini - NEW!

1 Komputer Kuantum :

Komputer ini merupakan Super computer yang menggunakan ...
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18 Maret 2015
Lowongan kerja (SE) Cyberakses - NEW!

PT Komunika Lima Duabelas (brand : Cyberakses) adalah sebuah perusahaan ...
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 Cyberakses Company Overview

Cyberakses is a product of Indonesian company that provides corporations with a reliable and cost-effective link to the new world of the internet. A secure, 24 hours dedicated connection at speeds of customer needs.

Supporting the community and building broadband infrastructure since 2004 Cyberakses has connected more than 100 residential and corporate clients in Jakarta,Bali and Makasar. The internet Network is completely independent from local Telecom. At all times, Cyberakses fully controls its end-to-ends backbone Internet Service. Controlling of the "last mile" and our network independence enable us to ensure faster broadband speeds, more reliable service, and the best after-sales support.

Why Choosing Cyberakses?

  • Reliability and Performance
    While your company may already have broadband Internet Access, like hundreds of companies in Bali, you may be experiencing low connection speeds or unreliable service. Although Cyberakses cannot guarantee uptime 100%, we have improved our network to minimize its downtime and to become one of the fastest, reliable and fully wireless broadband data solutions available as seen in our network configuration.

  • Security
    By adopting the latest technology, Cyberakses has chosen one of the most secure yet flexible platforms to deliver high-speed internet services to corporations. As a proprietary system, based on international IT security standards, we ensures complete security of corporate data where radio frequency signals are transmitted in narrow beams that coherently combine at the intended Radio Modem. © PT.Komunika Lima Dua Belas 2021, all right reserved.
Office : Jl. Diponegoro No.208B Denpasar, Bali 80114. Telp :+62 361 239405.

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